Kingsland Country Property Owners Association, Inc. Kingsland Country Property Owners Association, Inc.


1.  The March 9, 2021 General Homeowners meeting is cancelled because the Queen of Peace meeting hall is temporarily unavailable.  The next scheduled General Homeowners meeting is scheduled for November 2, 2021 and the Board is hopeful that Queen of Peace will be open for meetings. 



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Click Here To See the BOCC Agenda Item and Resolution. 


General Meetings on March 9 (cancelled) and November 2, 2021 at Queen of Peace Church, 6455 SW State Road 200.

Board Meetings on January 12, February 9, March 9, April 13, May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14, October 12, November 9, & December 14, 2021 at the office.


About Us


The KCPOA Bylaws provides for a minimum 4 member board and may have up to 11 members.  The terms of office for the Directors are staggered 2 - 3 year terms.  The quorum is 4 directors to conduct all necessary business of KCPOA.  To serve on the Board of Directors, a person must be a member in good standing, i.e., not be a convicted felon, no fee, fine, or other monetary obligation is owed to KCPOA and the homeowner has no outstanding C&R violations.


President: Suzanne Seitz
VP: Richard Kiefer
Secretary: Kathy Dowton
Treasurer: Wayne Zimmer


  • Mary Jo Kiefer
  • Richard Keifer, Lighting
  • Reyna Salabarria
  • Mary Jo Zimmer
  • Chris Murphree

*All Board members are responsible for enforcing the governing documents, develop a budget, establish reserve funds, act on budget items and determine assessment rates, collect assessments, enforce rules and penalties, select an attorney, accountant, insurance agent and other professionals, inform members of board decisions and transactions, and attend and participate at meetings.